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Full loop PFT in under 3 minutes, anytime, anywhere

Introducing RapidPFT

With RapidPFT by VitalFlo, clinics finally have the ability to perform full loop PFTs in under 3 minutes. RapidPFT allows you to bring the test to the patient, in the clinic or at home, with real-time reporting of results.


  • Fast: Full loop PFT flow loops in under 3 minutes
  • Portable: RapidPFT can be performed anytime, anywhere: in-clinic and at-home
  • At-home Ready: easily enroll patients in  VitalFlo remote patient monitoring
  • Dependable: ATS compliant, trusted by world-renowned academic researchers
  • Easy: Save valuable staff time with quick set-up and onboarding

Providers who qualify can receive a complimentary trial of the RapidPFT system for their clinic. Schedule a demo today for more details.