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Direct Care for your Respiratory Patients

You can now offer Quick, Easy, Dependable Spirometry in your own DPC Practice, without the referral

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Easy Spirometry for DPC's

Designed for Primary Care, RapidPFT by VitalFlo is the quick, easy and dependable solution for monitoring and managing your respiratory patients.

We built VitalFlo for flexibility: whether your are a solo practitioner, or a multi-practice partnership, we have the simple, powerful tools DPC's need to deliver respiratory care in every setting.

  • Quick: Full flow-volume loop spirometry in under 3 minutes
  • Portable: Anytime, anywhere: in-clinic and at-home
  • At-Home Ready: Easily enroll patients in home monitoring
  • Dependable: Meets ATS/ERS standards, with best-in-class customer support
  • Easy: Quick set-up and onboarding
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